ActiveBody is a place where one can find all that is necessary to stay healthy and strong in today’s world!
— Russell Kich LMT, CPT, Owner

ActiveBody Functional Therapy delivers a complex approach to one’s health and wellness.

Through a combination of sports massage, stretching, strength training and nutritional support we assist you in optimizing functionality of your body.

Desire to help people stay healthy began during my time as an EMT. As part of the job I visited many nursing homes. Most people there were weak, sick and had hard time getting around. If this is normal when one has passed the 90 mark, it is quite unsettling to see people in their 50’s and 60’s in these establishments. They are good people that made choices that didn’t work out so good for them. Choices about physical activity, diet and general lifestyle. At ActiveBody we hope to change that!

Environment of my childhood respected and promoted physical strength and athleticism. My journey in to the world of strength started with kettlebells at the local gym. It quickly transitioned in to weight lifting and strength training. Martial art training was part of growing up and a big part of my life for many years. During my college years I worked as an assistant strength coach at the school gym. It was our job to assist team players in developing strength and agility. In turn that made them better players. Today it is called Functional Training.

Having been active most of my life I realized that we often require guidance and assistance on the journey to a better self. Simply going to the gym or trying to follow a fad diet or a workout plan might not give you the sustained health and wellness you are looking for. At ActiveBody functional therapy we offer an individual approach, and a holistic look at you and your needs & goals!

On my journey I was fortunate enough to meet wonderful teachers, to whom I am grateful for all the shared knowledge. Now I would like to apply all that they taught me to assist you in staying healthy, strong and fully functional every day for a greater enjoyment of life!

Let us help you feel young again!